Germany from Above Dennis Schmelz

View from Above - Germany

Germany is one such place, the beautiful European state dominantly sitting in the centre of Europe.
Travellers to Germany have a multitude of places to visit, from ancient strongholds to gothic castles and keeps, modern entertainment complexes and sombre war memorials. Eat traditional German food, drink some real German beer, and then hike, bike, ski and boat your way around the beautiful German countryside, covered in forests and mountains. Shot with state of the art DJI unmanned recreational camera drones, see Germany like never before. Germany’s history is as old as the mountains. A long past of dominant Germanic tribes existing in the areas between the river Rhine and modern day Berlin would occasionally burst forth and conquer lands both east, west and south of their borders. After warring with the Romans for many decades, the people of Germany were able to muster around the flags of the strongest tribes; the Franks and the Saxons as well as a few others. As the Franks grew in power, they annexed many other nations into what was labelled the Holy Roman Empire by its founder, Charlemagne. The Empire became a nation divided into principalities ruled by many German princes, and over the next few hundred years they guided much of Europe’s religious, scientific and philosophic development. After unification into a German Empire, Germany experienced a small revolution before the institution of the Weimar Republic. Suffering from the effects of two World Wars, and a separation of the state into two entities during the Cold War, Germany has come out of its reincarnation as the world’s 4th strongest economy, and a world leader with a very bright future. Every visitor to Germany will visit the Reichstag, the capital, which is Berlin. Make sure to grab a beer to warm the chest before heading out to see landmarks like the Berlin Wall Memorial and the significant Brandenburg Gate. Don’t miss out on the shopping at the famous Kaufhaus des Westens, and definitely don’t miss out on the many dance and rock music festivals that are regular occurrences around the capital.


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