Galungan SLOG3 LUT Package

 Software Box Mockup Galungan 2

English version:

Due to the high demand I decided to publish some LUTs of my short film "Galungan".

After purchase you will receive a zip file with 9 different LUTs as cube files.

The LUTs work with all cameras, but the footage should be shot in a flat LOG profile (at best SLOG3 for Sony, C-LOG for Canon or DLOG for DJI, etc.). 

For my „SLOG3 Galungan LUTs" I filmed with the Sony A7S III in PP9 (S-Gamut3/S-Log3). You can also use the LUT for any other LOG profile from other cameras. The important thing is that you adjust the intensity of the LUT accordingly.

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Deutsche Version:

Aufgrund der hohen Nachfrage habe ich mich dazu entschieden hier einige LUTs meines Kurzfilms „Galungan“ zu veröffentlichen.

Nach dem Kauf bekommst du eine Zip-Datei mit 9 verschiedenen LUTs als cube files.

Die LUTs funktionieren mit allen Kameras, das Footage sollte jedoch in einem flachen LOG-Profil (bestenfalls SLOG3 bei Sony, C-LOG bei Canon oder DLOG bei DJI, etc.) gedreht sein.

Für meine "SLOG3 Galungan LUTs" habe ich mit der Sony A7S III und Sony A7 IV in PP9 (S-Gamut3/S-Log3) gefilmt. Für dieses Farbprofil ist es wichtig, ein wenig überzubelichten (es kommt immer auf die Szenerie an). Wenn möglich, verwenden Sie einen Wellenform-Monitor, um richtig zu belichten.

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Transsiberian Dream LUT Package

 Software Box Mockup Transsiberian Dream 2

Because of the massive feedback and a lot of questions how I graded my short "Transsiberian Dream", I decided to release some of the LUTs that I used for this project.

The LUTs work with all kind of cameras but your footage should be shot in a flat picture profile (not created for LOG) like Cine2 or Cine4 on Sony cameras or Technicolor Cinestyle on Canon.

After purchase you will get a Zip file with 6 LUTs (cube and look files). You can import and adjust the LUTs with every common editing software (Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, Da Vinci Resolve, etc.).

Here you can find the video "Transsiberian Dream" for which I used exactly these self-created LUTs:

The raw footage was filmed with a Sony a7S II + Sony a6500 in Cine 4, S-Gamut3.Cine.


Prejudice LUT SLOG3 80s Vintage Look

Prejudice 80s LUT SLOG3 crop3

The original LUT from my short film "Prejudice".

You will get 2 LUTs optimized for the Sony A7S III SLOG3 picture profile. For my "SLOG3 PREJUDICE 80s LUTs" I filmed with the Sony A7S III in PP9 (SLOG 3 | S-Gamut3). For this color profile it is important to overexpose a little (it always depends on the scenery). If possible, use a waveform monitor to expose properly. 

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