Prejudice - One Lens Short Film

I'm very glad to be the first filmmaker worldwide who got the chance to test the brand new Sony 35mm f/1.4 G Master lens before the official product launch. Enjoy my short film "Prejudice" shot completely with this cinematic prime lens - I totally got in love with it. Everything is filmed on a Sony A7S III.

With my background in travel, advertising and music videos, the FE 35mm f/1.4 GM inspired me to create a low-light and cinematic short film with strong tones of Americana. I wanted to take advantage of the lens’s new features and make a story that only it could help me tell. 35mm is a perfect movie focal length for me. It’s so adaptable for different subjects and I love the cinematic feel. It’s not too wide, but still gives a sense of place, and it’s great for capturing shots of people. Maybe best of all, the 1.4 aperture produced beautiful bokeh and let us work with atmospheric lighting.

35mm dennis schmelz 2

The FE 35mm f/1.4 GM uses a physical aperture ring that can be de-clicked via a button on the barrel for movie applications, so it’s ready for either stills or video. This means you can get almost invisible transitions in aperture, tightening focus or extending it, depending on the narrative you’re creating, and changing the exposure in the same way. It helps me as a videographer because there’s no hard jump that can take the viewer out of the moment. It’s just beautifully natural and smooth.

Working with his α7S III’s Face Detection AF, I was also impressed by the FE 35mm f/1.4 GM’s focusing speed, precision and lack of motor noise. It uses a frictionless XD Linear Motor, so AF was stunningly quick and accurate. We only did six shots in manual focus. All the others were made with face detection at f/1.4 and it never skipped a beat.

Find the the full article and some behind the scenes informations on the Alpha Universe website, click here!

35mm dennis schmelz 1

Creating this short film in dramatic rainy night-time streets of my hometown Erfurt in Germany, the FE 35mm f/1.4 GM’s weather sealing stood up to the conditions and its lightweight design meant I could move it on a gimbal with complete freedom. No-one wants a lens that holds them back, but the FE 35mm f/1.4 GM does the opposite. It was raining heavily when we were shooting, and the lens got quite wet, but it just wasn’t a problem at all! The lightness is a huge factor, too. Compared to previous fast aperture 35mm lenses I’ve used, at only 524g, it’s so much more portable.

Find the the full article and some behind the scenes informations on the Alpha Universe website, click here!

Camera, Editor & Director: Dennis Schmelz
BTS & Lighting: Christian Fleischer
Assistant: Nils Riedl
Stills: Stefan Liebermann & Christopher Schmid
Actor: Daniel Mey
Band: Desert Machine + Crowd
Venue: From Hell Erfurt Show
Lighting: MM-Veranstaltungstechnik
Car: 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car
Thanks to Sony, DJI & Smoke Factory for the support.

35mm dennis schmelz 3

Thüringer Wald Kampagne

Diesen Sommer durfte ich verschiedene Sportlerportraits für die Aktivregion Rennsteig Thüringer Wald umsetzen. Vom MTB Downhill Video mit der deutschen Weltcupsiegerin Nina Hoffmann im Bikepark Oberhof und der Bikearena Steinach, über ein Klettervideo mit Langläufer Thomas Bing und verschiedenen Teaser Videos für den Getting Tough Hindernislauf in Oberhof war einiges dabei.

thueringer wald 3

thueringer wald 7

Als Outdoor- und Sportbegeisterter war es mir eine große Ehre diese Kampagnen in meiner Heimat Thüringen umsetzen zu dürfen. Zum Einsatz kam auch erstmals eine FPV-Race-Drohne, welche spekatuläre neue Perspektiven und Drohnenflüge ermöglichte. Vielen Dank an Adrian Seeber für die Organisation sowie Jan Köster & Wieland Wenzel für die Unterstüzung in der Luft.

thueringer wald 4

thueringer wald 6

thueringer wald 5

thueringer wald 1

Live-Streams in Zeiten von Corona

Wie setzt man einen Live-Event mit mehreren hundert Leuten in Zeiten von Corona um? Richtig, mit einem Livestream. Seit mehreren Jahren arbeite ich bereits für die Town & Country Stiftung und unterstütze sie mit der Erstellung von Videos.

Dieses Jahr war dies eine ganz neue Herausforderung. Die jährliche Stiftungsgala fand statt, wie gewohnt im Kaisersaal in Erfurt, allerdings virtuell und ohne Publikum. Die Gäste konnten die Veranstaltung ganz entspannt aus dem heimischen Wohnzimmer verfolgen inkl. Gala-Dinner, bereitgestellt durch die Town & Country Stiftung und den Kaisersaal Erfurt.

In diesem "Behind The Scenes" gibt es einen kleinen Einblick, wie wir diese Aufgabe mit jeder Menge Technik und Manpower gemeistert haben. An dieser Stelle nochmals vielen Dank an die komplette Crew und das Vetrauen der Town & Country Stiftung.

24 Stunden mit der Sony A7S III

2020 08 sony a7siii 1

We spent 24 hours in Berlin shooting footage with the unreleased Sony Alpha 7S III. Thanks to Sony giving us the chance of testing it before the official launch.

Most of the footage was shot in 4K with the XAVC HS codec (280 Mbps | 4:2:2 | 10 Bit) and S-Log 3 in 50p or 100p. We used an ISO range from 160 up to 51.200. We also tested the super slow motion with 200fps in Full-HD. The low light performance of this camera is still impressive, combined with the improved colour science and the new codecs it gives you a stunning output. Also the rolling shutter issues are reduced to a minimum. I'm still impressed how powerful this small camera is. I hope you like this short mood video filmed 100% with the Sony A7 S III within 24 hours in Berlin, Germany.

Camera & Edit: Dennis Schmelz (www.dennisschmelz.de)
BTS, Photos & B-Roll: Pascal Blaurock
BTS & B-Roll: Christian Fleischer
Speaker: Claudina Hoff ter Heide
Dancer: Elena Ramírez Hernández
Freerunner: Matthias von Radecki
Car Dudes: Justus Kreser & Rafael Bauer

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